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Creating Spellbinding Gris Gris Bags & Sachets


What if you could carry a prayer or spell with you all the time? With a specially crafted gris gris bag at hand, you hold the power to attract love, protection, good fortune, and anything you wish into your life.


"Magic’s in the Bag" is the only book that teaches you everything you need to know about creating and using gris gris bags. It takes you on a fascinating and fun exploration of the history of mojo bags and charms, from ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Celtic beliefs to early Native American and African spiritual practices to modern voodoo in New Orleans.


You’ll find more than 75 simple spells to empower your gris gris bag, including enchantments for beauty, fidelity, and creativity, contacting spirits, safe travel, and sweet dreams. You’ll get tips on growing your own gris gris garden. Alphabetical lists of magical correspondences for moon phases, herbs, crystals, stones, and shells make it easy to determine the best time and the optimal ingredients for making your wishes come true.


The Llewellyn version is now out of print, but "Magic's in the Bag" is available on Kindle from major retailers including Apple, Kobo, B&N, Google and Amazon. Keep watching for a new print version!

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There are Many Ways to Take a Life


When former college professor, Charles Granger, wakes up drenched in blood, with a murdered woman in bed beside him, his first thought is to run; but the DNA left in every corner of the dismal hotel room would definitely make him for the crime. Before he can dial 911, a dozen Boston police burst into the room and he's cuffed and Mirandized before he can even remember the woman's name.

Adding to Granger's plight, the M.O. matches a spate of brutal murders over the past five months. Eight crimes, each woman a prostitute, and each strangled with piano wire, slicing through the juggular vein and bleeding out... with Granger's prints and DNA at every scene.

Granger argues with the Boston P.D.; he's a nobody, he couldn't even hold onto a job after the death of his wife and newborn son two years ago. But the more he talks, the deeper he digs his own grave. He could never commit these horrible crimes, but who would, and why would they drag him into their heinous web of torture and death?

"Thread" is slated for completion February, 2019.



The Persistence of Madness


On one chilly October morning, Lenny Chase is spread across a mile and a half of rural Northern California highway, with nothing left of his blue and silver full dresser except a few pipes fused to the undercarriage of the tanker truck that killed him. What seems like a fitting end to a man, rotten to the bone, is really only the beginning.


Six months earlier, Anna Karlin Chase barely escaped with her life after weeks of sleeping with a kitchen knife wedged in her mattress. She packed her green VW and pointed east, driving until the ocean changed its name. For a while, distance was enough, and she slept well in the strange little brick house nestled in nowhere town and mired in history.

Until things changed in shuffling steps, with hints and breezes, a strange sound in another room, an odd taste in her coffee. Anna believes her insane ex has found her and has started his mind games again. It's what he's about; a sick parasitic strategy, and her restful nights become hours on end of listening through the stone solid darkness.

In time, her mind starts to fall away from her. When she enlists the help of the authorities, she learns about Lenny's fate on that cold mountain road. At first relieved, Anna realizes that someone, or something is definitely with her, and that perhaps Lenny has the kind of grip even death cannot break.

"Interminatus" is slated for completion October, 2018.


Life and Death in No Man's Land



It’s Sunday. There are too many stars in the sky tonight. I lie on my back on a cool patch of grass too close to Angeline Way and feel the rumble of passing tires in my teeth. Too many miles from home, I’m thinking, far too many. Everything that has happened in the last 13 days clicks through my head like frames of film, each one a message, each one a moment I should’ve changed. My first regret is the gun and my last regret is the gun, bloody bookends to a very short story.

"A Sunday Night" coming in 2020.


I was inspired to write, "The Paper House," while living in the California high desert. The buildings they call homes are constructed with such expedience that I could actually see them shiver in the dry, unrelenting winds. The experience  evolved into a story of a broken heart and suffocated spirit.


From "The Paper House"...


Butter yellow walls

were inside the paper house. Innocuous,

clean, dangerously friendly; the walls whispered in monotone undistinguishable words that shaved off layers of skin.




He looked into her many-colored eyes and saw they were brown. And he couldn’t help but notice her accent as she spoke. He asked where she was from. She told him she grew up in a small town called Optimism. She said the town no longer existed, but she remembered it well enough.


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